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How do the Men and Women 

on the PGA and LPGA Tour 

Hit the Ball so far?


  By Developing the Method of the Delayed Release

It's puzzled the amateur golfer on how the PGA and LPGA players are able to hit the ball the distances they do with a seemingly effortless swing. 

At Penny White’s Golf Academy we emphasize the proper swing plane in combination with the 'delayed release' method for maximum club head speed. We also instruct on how to achieve proper balance, how to build and maintain your spine angle and sequence and then our flawless pre-set routine that is the foundation of a consistent, repeatable and self repairable golf swing that lasts a lifetime.

The delayed release and staying on plane was popularized by the legendary Ben Hogan who was by most accounts, the greatest golfer of his time, and still stands as one of the greatest of all time. Our method is a modern day evolution to the swing basics of Ben Hogan and Jack Grout.

After the lesson series on fundamentals you'll no longer be asking "How do they do that?" you'll KNOW how they do that.

We teach the difference between the

Ferris Wheel 



The Academy teaches sound swing fundamentals that places the student on the correct swing plane so they can deliver the club head consistently and accurately time after time. We call it the Ferris Wheel vs. the Merri-Go-Round.  

At Penny White's Golf Academy we know that most amateur golfers fall into a swing pattern we call the 'Merri-Go-Round'. This swing pattern produces inconsistent hits, unwanted hooks and slices and a whole series of mis-hits which denies the golfer from achieving their true potential. We call this spinning.                                                                                                                                                                                                

We teach the proper swing method of 'The Ferris Wheel'. This time tested technique provides the golfer with sound body positioning to deliver the club on plane time after time, for a lifetime.                                                                           

At Penny White's Golf Academy we emphasize the proper swing plane in combination with the 'delayed release' method for maximum club head speed. Through personal instruction both on the range and with the use of a sophisticated golf simulator, our instructors can correct your swing mistakes by teaching you the method of the 'Delayed Release' resulting in a powerful and repeatable golf swing for longer and straighter shots.